This is an environment I've been working one with a mountain range and creek. I thought it could be useful for this project if we have a place for it.
Sad Fight Story Ideas:
Two brothers fight after losing a father, this breaks down to them crying then laughing together. On the surface it's a fight for dominance and but inside it's just something they need mourn together and get the anger out.​​​​​​​
A husband and wife fight after the loss of their child. Not too aggressive, but clear intent to hurt each other verbally, maybe some thrown objects. Close up Shots of hands clenched or shaking while squeezing a objects.
A daughter is grieving about the loss of her mother and taking it out on her dad. She fights and he let's her, then embraces her when she can't fight any more and breaks down.
Two soldiers come across each other in a battlefield, they are alone and it starts as a fist fight which leads into one of them collapsing too soon. He had already been shot and has a wound wrapped up, but it looks like it might be fatal. The opposing soldier sits with him and they share a cigarette.
Midterm Character Introduction:
This really is the start of something I wanted to make for this midterm. I spent so much time working on the assets and environment that I didn't get very far on animation with the time I had left. I would like to keep developing this one until it becomes the scene I originally imagined, but it feels like a nice start.
Week 5:
This week I was working with Cinema 4d. I'd like to integrate some animated objects into my unreal world and start building out the already existing space. This is an example of something I would like in my unreal world.
The previous week I worked on bringing in a 2D rendered video into the unreal space. This time I want to work more on bringing my own 3D animated models into the Unreal space.
What I want to do with these objects is have them rotating around the island I've been working on and moving through the water. Hopefully I can get this to make some turbulence in the water, creating a barrier so the island is something that cannot be escaped.
Week 3-4: 
These past couple weeks I worked on making a Bear with Aura Sphere Scene in Sequencer.​​​​​​​
Week 2
This week I worked on getting more familiar with Unreal Engine. The goal was to make a world with only starter kit assets. So I couldn't reach into other projects to grab materials. This felt more difficult than I imagined but I started getting the hang of it. I looked more into other educational pieces through the Unreal learning site as well.
This is a video of me working on my level. Nothing really came to be completed this week but it was good to just feel things out and try some organization methods. 
Week 1
Right now I am working one a Razer Blade 15" laptop with 16 GB of RAM. I have 62 free GB space on my hard drive, but I could make more space if needed. I have a NVIDIA graphics cards and Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s).
This is a video of a theater space I am tinkering with right now in unreal. I did not make these assets, this is just an imported project, but I'm exploring projects like this so that I can sort of take them apart and learn more about how they are made.
Completed Unreal Coursework
- Comprehending Projects and File Structure
- Your First Hour with Unreal Engine
 - Introducing Unreal Engine
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