Right now I am in the process of bringing a volumetric captured video into the same Unity file with the set in it. The capture was made using a multi-cam Depthkit setup in ITP's microstudio.
This is an example of using my set in Unity and anchoring it on an image target for AR
This is the first prototype model for a set. This is made using Maya. I'm happy with having an atrium atmosphere, but I'm doubting how effective this can be as an AR theater set. I think I might need to save this and move onto another prototype for a set, then compare the two when I move these assets into Unity. (Also, I'm leaning towards Unity now because Depthkit recently became well supported with that software, so it may make it easier for a real time networking keeping the depth point cloud in mind)
I also spent some time learning to work with Arnold in maya to improve rendering in semi-real time, advanced preset materials, and so I could use Arnold's physical sky for additional lighting.
This is my second prototype for the stage. I think there are much more details I can add into a semi interior set like this that would make sense for AR.
And here is the next iteration. I actually moved the project from Maya to Cinema 4D. I learned that the two programs feel relatively interchangeable. Then again I'm still growing into these tools. I am happy with this version of the set at the moment. I think I just need to make a few more additions to fill the space a little more, but as it is I can experimenting with how well this file moves into unreal and whether it renders well through mobile applications.
Inspiration for set design:
 New Thesis Conceptualization: Tabletop Theater in AR
I've had to take a step back from my original idea of working on a proof of concept by conventional means in a theater space. This will be my new approach to creating live theater that is accessible to anyone with an AR capable phone from home.
The new project is to create a mobile AR space through unreal. Within this space, I can stream an actor from a green screen into the virtual space. This project will be a mesh between Augmented Reality and Live Virtual Production. 

Tools for development:
- Unreal
- Green Screen software (OBS?)
- Depth Kit
- Mediate
A Letter to my 60 year old self:

I hope you have accomplished at least a handful of the dreams that you set out to do when enrolling as a student in NYU. I am still at a place where I am uncertain of how these dreams and predictions of the future that I hold will turn out, but you hold the answers to my uncertainty. I wonder what the world is like where you are. I wonder if you were right in thinking that there would be a game changing technology that took our interests away from the smartphones and into a new dimension. I wonder if you were right that way theater is made and viewed would inevitably have to adapt to the new world, but in turn it would bring people back to the importance and profound behavior of live performance. If these were just pipe dreams and in reality what you thought would happen fell to the wayside, then that is okay. I hope that you are proud of the efforts you put into it and learned of a new path to creating profound stories. Stories that may be told to strangers or even stories that may be told to those you love. I just hope that you feel like you've tried your best. I can't imagine that you've lost your will to explore and discover new things.

Today I was thinking about how strange my degree goals have been. I remember wanting to come to New York in the beginning to be an actor and a singer. Then I remember spending so much time wanting to be a producer, without even knowing what kind of producer I wanted to be. I just wanted to make something that no one has seen before. Now I'm going for a masters in professional studies with a focus on interactive technology. People really seem to wonder what it is that I am doing or what I want to do and I find it really hard to explain sometimes. I hope it isn't so hard to explain for you anymore. I also hope that the work doesn't rule your life in a way that makes you unable to look after your family. You should give Aurora a call, she's the newest member at the moment so it is very exciting to be an uncle for the first time in my life. I can't say I know what you may have experienced between now for me and now for you, but I hope you feel blessed to have whatever it has been.

Love, Hope, & Faith
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