A short video by Suphitcha, Russel, and Sammy
Rough draft "Earthman interview"
This video is in a rough state. The final cut should be around 5 minutes total so there is still a lot that should be cut out, but the narrative is close to what we are looking for. The b-roll should be added in later this week so I added a watermark where I think that footage will be inserted.

"Finding Oreo"
An original sound walk made by Bomani Mcclendon, Tirta Rachman, and myself. This sound walk should begin in the lobby of the Jay St. NYU building. It is the story of a lost dog and it's otherworldly owner.
This project was challenging us to practice using Adobe Audition so we might be more adept at sound mixing. We were given an open prompt to create any sort of sound walk as long as it took place within the Jay St. building so the class could easily view all of the final products. I wanted to make a story so when meeting Bomani and Tirta, this was the one thing I emphasized. Fiction is something I enjoy and find entertaining, particularly ghost stories, so I wrote a basic script for a sound walk horror then met with Bomani and Tirta later on to discuss how we could put the piece together. Bomani wanted to make the piece more interactive and suggested we lead the listeners to a location where they might be able to perform some task. Tirta was interested in the technical aspect of how we could lead the audience from one place to another and wanted to incorporate footsteps in our walk to hint at the pace we wanted the listeners to move. These were the ideas we entered that first meeting with and from there we got to work, re-writing the script, casting roles, and discussing other sounds we would like in the piece. On our second meeting we actually began recording our voices, picking up room tone so we could digitally remove external sounds later, and placing what we had in an audition project file. With the limited time we had, we only had time for two more meetings where we would cut what we didn't need and time the piece properly. Post - production took twice the time as creating the script and recording everything we needed. During post we also needed to add a few extra narrative pieces to add into our final product, but it took significantly less time to do that from the first time now that we had an idea of the process. Meeting the deadline was certainly a challenge, I also needed to gather a quality photo of a dog and sticky notes with pens that we wanted to use at the location we planned on leading the listeners towards so they might have the opportunity for interactivity. All in all, with the time we had, I am happy with the final product. It is definitely most important for me to look into scheduling more time for post-production moving forward to minimize the anxiety that comes with completing a piece that has a good concept. I could see that if we spent any less time on it, the concept would have been lost and the script would have gone to waste.
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