Fight TikToks

Below is the original cut for this broadsword tik tok
This is a tik tok video that I'm working on. The things I need to add are a sharingan and a lightning chidori effect
This video needs no effect, but it was a good start to thinking about how I start cutting these shorter fight scenes together.
Week 3:
This week I was beginning to work with sequencer. I wanted to return to the project I worked on a few weeks ago just to get a nice short video. This is what I came up with.
Week 2 Screenshots:
This week I worked on making an Island. The assets I used wereĀ from the Open World Demo and a water plugin provided from Unreal.
I also used this youtube video for reference on how to use the water plugin when making this world.

using foliage from the open world demo takes a VERY long time to load and render into your project. Also with all of these assets, building my lighting takes over 3 hours, so I would use it in the future very sparingly.
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