This is an engraving of my dad's face. I made it to fit in a wallet so it is the same size as an ID. I wanted to make it wallet size so I can make a couple of these and give them as gifts for my family. When caught in the light at a good angle, the engraving is clearly visible. When an LeD is used, the precision of the laser is interesting as a way to make images come to life. This is like reverse 3D printing. Next time I would run the laser cutter perhaps a second or third time to make the cut deeper into this clear acrylic so it might be more visible.
The assignment was to make 5 of something, so I made 5 little trees. I intend to complete one of them and turn it into a nightstand lamp. I started with a block of wood which I shaped into a wide tree using the band saw. From there I split the trees into 5 slices like a bread loaf, also using the band saw. With my remaining chunk of wood, I used a large hole cutting drill bit to make 5 even bases for my trees. I sanded all these pieces on the band sander and followed that up with a finer grain hand sander to make the trees soft. Finally I attached all the trees to their bases using wood glue and clamps.
For this assignment we had to make a portable light, so i decided to make an electric torch. I attached my breadboard to a platform with a pole then connected a few red and white LED's with a small 10 ohm resistor to a portable D battery power source so that there would be light. Finally I added colored tissue paper so the torch looks covered in flames. 
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