Attaching more things to my treasure chest, so it has now evolved into the "mystery glowing sound box":
Now that I had a chance to make this box, I wanted to refine it for this final project. I added some felt to the interior of the chest. Then a clamp so the chest could properly close and even support a lock. Once the box was in better condition I added a battery, a row of led's, and a motor with some paper attached to the top. When turned on, the box glows a nice reddish yellow, I was trying to emulate the way treasure chests in video games glow often when they are unopened and unexplored by the player. The motor makes a soft sound within the chest that I was hoping would make an audible sense of curiosity to someone just passing by. Perhaps someone might just open this mysterious chest if they happen to be passing by.
fabrication for a row of edison lights
Attaching a plastic/metal hot plate to wood:
For my steam punk coffee​​​​​​​ project, I put together this series of light bulbs and tucked them behind an enclosure. The holes for the sockets were cut with a drill press. I cut the lower half as a larger hole so the entire socket could fit inside upward from the bottom, but then I cut the upper half at a smaller size so only the threads could fit through. This made it so the twist fastener could work in a thicker piece of wood. The pull switch is attached on the side of this wooden machine. I also used a pull switch that could twist and fasten and it is sturdy for use.
Another big challenge I was facing was how to attach my plastic and metal hot plate taken from the  Mr. Coffee machine to the lower wooden panel. I ended up cutting a large hole in the wood panel that was about the size of the plastic piece. To connect these two materials I used a tile grout and did my best to smooth it with my fingers once it was applied. I wanted to use this because with coffee machines, the water would be directed above this hot plate and I wanted to make sure there is as little potential for water to leak through as possible.
A Treasure Chest enclosure:
This project was riddled with trouble. I started with a block of wood that I wanted to turn into a treasure chest. The idea behind this assignment was to create an enclosure, ideally one that can house the mechanical workings behind an object. I thought it would be interesting to have a treasure chest with a button. Ultimately, the treasure chest took so many hours that I grew sentimental to it and didn't want to cut a hole for a button without a purpose just yet. So instead, I used a metal watch box and cut a hole in it for my button for the time being. My treasure chest had issues i think namely because i wanted to have the rings visible on the sides and working with wood cut in that manner makes the wood brittle and easy to fall apart. So when I was drilling pilot holes for screws, the already present cracks from the drying wood would expand and break away chunks of the piece I would want to be working with. This will not be the last treasure chest I design. But it is certainly a lesson that I should prepare my pieces better next time before attempting to reassemble the final product. 
This is an engraving of my dad's face. I made it to fit in a wallet so it is the same size as an ID. I wanted to make it wallet size so I can make a couple of these and give them as gifts for my family. When caught in the light at a good angle, the engraving is clearly visible. When an LeD is used, the precision of the laser is interesting as a way to make images come to life. This is like reverse 3D printing. Next time I would run the laser cutter perhaps a second or third time to make the cut deeper into this clear acrylic so it might be more visible.
The assignment was to make 5 of something, so I made 5 little trees. I intend to complete one of them and turn it into a nightstand lamp. I started with a block of wood which I shaped into a wide tree using the band saw. From there I split the trees into 5 slices like a bread loaf, also using the band saw. With my remaining chunk of wood, I used a large hole cutting drill bit to make 5 even bases for my trees. I sanded all these pieces on the band sander and followed that up with a finer grain hand sander to make the trees soft. Finally I attached all the trees to their bases using wood glue and clamps.
For this assignment we had to make a portable light, so i decided to make an electric torch. I attached my breadboard to a platform with a pole then connected a few red and white LED's with a small 10 ohm resistor to a portable D battery power source so that there would be light. Finally I added colored tissue paper so the torch looks covered in flames. 
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