Proposal for Final Project:

I would like to shift away from my midterm project and focus on working on making some AR prototypes for the Microsoft Hololens. I also want to be fluidly using Unity and coding with it, so to begin I have to figure out how to create direct communication between my unity via my laptop and the Hololens headset.
With this application, I would like to help develop another dimension to the graphic novel experience. With every page, there could be another layer of depth added to the story which could bring the readers further into the story.


This is a project that I was working on last semester but I continued to finish it using unity during this semester.
A friend of mine is creating a graphic novel and I mentioned that It would be fun to try and add some sort of AR  aspect to his project. He sent me this photo as a chance to experiment, and asked that I added Taco City to fit within the green screen of his drawing.
During this time at home, I'm working to refine where I was with this project and make it feel more clean. Many of my assets in Taco City were lost when I added the AR to this project, and I'm not exactly sure why.

Description of AR prototype:
21 Ideas for Augmented Reality:
Thoughts on an Existing AR project:
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