I want to start using this art toy class as a way of merging the physical reality and augmented reality.
Ideally I want this to get to the point where there are QR codes attached to my pieces so anyone can observe them one way and then see them in a new light through their mobile device.
Some influence for me was this Game Informer magazine. It uses an AR window as a way of revealing more about this cover. I would like to use the same concept for sculpted pieces that are three dimensional.
Big take away questions:
- How can I make the QR code unique and easily accessible?
- How can I easily make a template to make future pieces like this?
- How can I get the data for scanning objects so the AR can be triggered from any angle?

This is a blank that I made to look like a simplified version of Mike Wazowski (The Green Monster from Monsters Inc.) I want to use this peg as a target image for AR. I think keeping a shape simple will make it easier to target with a phone. If I could take this to the next level I would create a QR code and stamp it on the bottom of this figure so anyone's phone could pick up the true nature of the piece

Working on this from home took more time than I anticipated. Just trying to whittle a flat surface with a knife was harder than I imagined. The piece itself is about 3 inches tall so working on a small surface without bigger tools can be quite difficult.

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