taco City AR:
This is the final design for taco city. It still works just the same as the previous version, but now there is a more flushed out design for the city itself. I would like to add more for the presentation of this project but i am still looking for advice on how to accomplish my the vision I seek.
Light Saber Fight Collage:
This is the story board for the collage Max and I are going to design in after effects. It will be a light saber fight that works as a montage through space and time.
Sitting with Henry David Thoreau
This is a short stop motion made by me and Erkin. The concept was to make a miniature stage set with characters and see what kind of story we could tell. We decided not to have dialogue or voices, but rather just use an ambiance sound of waves in the background to set the mood, and the characters movement would tell all the necessary story. This video should ideally be able to loop and end at the same point where it began. Erkin and I worked well together setting up this environment and shooting this little video. Everything was handmade aside from the mini trees in the background. If we worked on a project like this again, I would have edited the video in a way that zoomed in on the characters more to gather the close details and subtle movements of the dog or the person. We tinkered with the focus and at a distance that makes it seem a little off putting, if we zoomed in during the edit at the points where we changed the focus, I think the final product would have had a stronger impact. Perhaps if we were to add more sound, the dog and the man could have made grunting noises, but I like that they are separate from reality without real dialogue.
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